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April 29 ATA Registered Shoot Results
4-30-2012 - John Morgan

The Menard County Sportsman's Club held a Registered ATA trap shooting event on Sunday, April 23. This event featured $500 of added prize money, thanks in part to our great sponsors, Rolhfs Implement Company and Dang Computers Inc. The weather did everything it could to dampen the competition. The day started with cloudy skies, gusting winds, and a light rain. As the Event #1 Doubles got under way, the rain picked up and thunder rumbled through the area. After a short break to let the storm pass, the doubles competitors took back to the fireline to finish their rounds. The rain let up enough to complete the doubles event and get the Event #2 Singles underway. The last few singles squads finished their rounds in a cold drizzle. The rain continued to fall throughout the Event #3 Handicap, with the last team finishing in a steady rain with more thunder moving into the area. Try as it might, the cold wet weather couldn't stop the competitive spirit of our intrepid shooters. Thanks to all of the shooters who stuck it out and competed under very challenging conditions. Here's a complete wrap-up of the days events.

Event #1 - 50 Pair Doubles (13 Shooters)
  • Class B Winner - Michael A. Obert (84)
  • Class C Winner - John S. Bilbrey (92)
Event #2 - 100 16 yard (Singles) Targets (21 Shooters)
  • Class A Winner - Terry O'Brien (100)
  • Class B Winner - Michael R. Walker (94)
  • Class C Winner - Gary Park (96)
  • Class D Winner - Weston Seifert (87)
Event #3 - 100 Handicap Targets (12 Shooters)
  • 18-22 Yard Winner - John D. Morgan (97)
  • 23-25 Yard Winner - Jeff L. Fricke, David Benson (91)
Next ATA Event
Our next Registered ATA shoot will be a three-day shoot held over the Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday, May 26 through Monday, May 28) - Click here for details. Until next time, shoot safe and break 'em all!

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