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September 23 Illini Indian ATA Registered Shoot Results
9-26-2012 - John Morgan

The Menard County Sportsman's Club held its annual Illini Indian Registered ATA trap shooting event on Sunday, September 23. This event featured $500 of added prize money, thanks in part to our great sponsors, Gillmore-Allen Insurance and Petefish Skiles & Co Bank. The big story of the day, as with many of this season's events, was the weather. The morning began unseasonably cold with sunny skies and little to no wind. As the Doubles event got under way, the temperature slowly began to rise and so did the wind. During the Singles event, what started out as an light breeze turned into a steady wind with occasional gusts. By the time the Handicap event began, shooters were battling strong shifting winds and even stronger gusts. Challenging conditions, to say the least. Despite the weather, over 60 competitors took part. Here's a complete wrap-up of the days events.

Event #1 - 50 Pair Doubles (23 Shooters)
  • Class A Winner - Ronald L Cox Jr (93)
  • Class B Winner - Leo W Suhre (89)
  • Class C Winner - Daniel A Gannon, Robert T Todd (87)
  • Class D Winner - Clifford H. Glardon (73)
Event #2 - 100 16 yard (Singles) Targets (59 Shooters)
  • Class A Winner - Michael R Walker, Ronald L Cox Jr, Keith Betterton (98)
  • Class B Winner - Harold Dirks, Clifford H Glardon, Marvin D Kuebler (97)
  • Class C Winner - Thomas R Hoffman (96)
  • Class D Winner - Charles R Rhine (87)
Event #3 - 100 Handicap Targets (47 Shooters)
  • 18-22 Yard Winner - Christoph Millburg (92)
  • 23-25 Yard Winner - Steve Smith (92)
  • 26-27 Yard Winner - John S Bilbrey (82)
Next ATA Event
Our next Registered ATA shoot will be held on Sunday, October 28 - Click here for details

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