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October 28 ATA Registered Shoot Results
10-30-2012 - John Morgan

The Menard County Sportsman's Club held a Registered ATA trap shooting event on Sunday, October 28. This event featured $250 of added Lewis money, thanks in part to our great sponsor, Brandt Consolidated. The big story of the day was the cool fall weather. The area experienced a heavy frost the night before with temperatures dipping into the 20s. The Doubles event began under mostly sunny skies with a light breeze. The consensus of the doubles shooters was that it was "down right cold out there." As the singles event got under way, that light breeze grew into a 10-15mph head wind. Just as the wind picked up, the bright sunshine was rudely interupted by cloud cover. It was certainly a far cry from the blistering heat that we experienced most of this past summer. In spite of the chilly conditions, a hearty group of shooters took to the field of competition. Here's a complete wrap-up of the day's events.

Event #1 - 50 Pair Doubles (8 Shooters)
  • Class C Winner - Marvin D. Kuebler (88)
Event #2 - 100 16 yard (Singles) Targets (26 Shooters)
  • Class A Winner - Christopher Millburg (97)
  • Class B Winner - Christopher Mostaka, Steve Smith (93)
  • Class C Winner - Chris Robb (93)
  • Class D Winner - Johnnie R. Fleming (91)
Event #3 - 100 Handicap Targets (24 Shooters)
  • 18-22 Yard Winner - James V. Olson (90)
  • 23-25 Yard Winner - Jeff L. Fricke (87)
  • 26-27 Yard Winner - Terry O'Brien (57)
Next ATA Event
This event concludes our ATA event schedule for the 2012 calendar year. Thanks to everyone who made our 2012 ATA events such as sucess. Check our Events Calendar for next year's ATA registered events.

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